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City Park

A trip to the City Park on a rainy day

City Park

Saturday afternoon we gathered together at Egyetem square. We were waiting for our guests under the cloudy sky. Soon, they arrived, so we set off for Városliget (City Park).

We faced many problems throughout our trip. First of all, we needed to catch our chosen public transport. However, we could not, so we had to find out another way to get to the City Park. Unfortunately, our troubles did not end there. As soon as we got off the trolley, it started to rain. Even though everybody has got an umbrella, we could not walk in the rain. We had to come up with a plan B on the spot, so we decided to go to the House of Music. Although Google Maps showed that it was closed, we decided to go there anyway.  While we were walking to our shelter, we went across the monumental Heroes’ Square, which was as astounding as usual, even in the rain. We also got a glimpse of the eye-catching Castle of Vajdahunyad while hurrying to the House of Music. We were very relieved when we arrived there and found out that it was open. Our guests loved the building, it was modern and mesmerising. One of them even declared that “This is more beautiful itself than the whole of Ljubljana”. We stayed at the House of Music for a while, waiting for the rain to stop. We visited the upstairs of the building, and then we sit down on the huge stairs to take a break. After the pause, we continued our journey. We set off for the Museum of Ethnography. Fortunately, the rain stopped so we got the opportunity to climb to the top of it instead of going inside. At the top of the museum, we got an incredible view of the city. Our guests loved it, and they will remember it for a long time. 

Finally, tired, a bit wet, and full of new experiences, we headed back to the school by a crowded trolley.

By Jiaxuan Mi