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Space force

Some people alredy heard about the space force, but what is it exactly?

Space force


A lot of people think it is just a joke, but in 2019 former US President Donald Trump ordered to activate a new force system. Donald Trump said it's because the enemies of the United States are in Space. From his point of view, China and Russia oppose a threat to the United States because they have better space technology. The members of the space force are called guardians. Their formal uniform is also very similar to the marines’, but the daily uniform is more like the soldiers’ camouflage clothes, because the members from the space force want to sympathize with the other soldiers.

The guardians use satellites to observe the world's nuclear weapon activity and use machines to block the connection between satellites. Nowadays, satellites can be very important, it can make a huge damage when one is off duty.

Space force is also supported with the satellites in action on the Earth.

Space force will also be an office, where the different American space committees work together in the space projects.

Russia also has an office like this and Germany has a project to make. More other countries (France, UK, India) have a space army system, but these are not independent organs, just smaller parts of the air force. Hungary also has some soldiers who undergo a special training.

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