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A walk in parks, gardens and a graveyard

The supervised walk, where we visited two parks , then the rain made us fled into a place, called Flipper Gallery

A walk in parks, gardens and a graveyard

      We departed belatedly because some of our members didn't appear on time and there
were people who didn't even come.

      The small team included three Turkish delegates, their teacher and the supervisors, the
media and me, the press, so it was a friendly headcount.
       Our first stop was the Károlyi - garden. It's a beloved place for our school's students
because it's just behind the school building.

    We walked on and got to the Hungarian National Museum. We looked around then
passed through its garden. Then we continued our walk in the centre of the city but suddenly
it started pouring and all of us got wet, which was quite uncomfortable. So later on in a dry
place the supervisors decided that we rather go to a place called Flipper Gallery.