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During the thrilling sessions at the CTC, a beautiful poem was written by the delegate of India who seemingly has a great amount of artistic blood flowing through his veins. Here you can view the poem.

India: poem to CTC

The History of the Word 'Poet' | Merriam-Webster

DPRK is giving a speech,

 I’m so tired, when is the break?

Delegate of Japan is quite underrated,

Human rights shall be well respected,

 Only joke from gossips is the chairs being hot,

Just learn their names, Dani is the one,

The Russian federation is simping to China,

I've never seen such an active Austria,

Delegate of Sweden fashionably late as always,

The punishments will pile up on their dignities,

I love the South Korean delegate's accent,

 Hail the land of cows, all member states present!


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