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Commission on the Status of Women

Short summary about the topic of CSW

This abbreviation, CSW stands for: Commission on the Status of Women. There are still many problems women face today around the world, like more men in power, patriarchy and non-equal opportunities. 


    Therefore, the countries here will try to find a solution together on how they can improve women's rights, and reach equality between genders. The topic will be this, with a special focus on the recently happening Iranian crisis. The crisis started with Mahsa Amini, an Iranian young woman, who was accused of wearing her hijab "improperly", then she was secretly killed in custody. The case leaked, many Iranians rose up, protests started. The leaders were women tearing down their hijabs, cutting their hair. The motto of the movements became: “Women, life, freedom.” The goal of these is to change the current regime, which treats women as second-class citizens.


     Mahsa became a symbol of freedom in Iran and around the world too, as the movement has spread. The reply was strong too, the government killed more than 300 people who participated in the protests.


    Recently the United Nations Human Rights Council opened an enquiry into supposed human rights violations.


By Petra Bodnár

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