Terms and Conditions

Terms and conditions of application and participation for Committee Presidents

By sending your application, you accept and agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of application and participation. Any participation in the tenth anniversary session of Budapest International Model United Nations (hereinafter conference) will constitute acceptance of this document. If you do not agree to abide by the above, please do not apply.


During the application procedure or on later occasions (i.e. further steps of registration in case your are accepted), you will be required to provide personal information (i.e. name, email address, phone number, etc.). This information, along with your arrival, departure dates and other information regarding your participation is stored in the encrypted internal system of the Organiser Team, to which only the conference organiser students and the responsible teacher have access.

In case your application is accepted, the country of origin will be published on the BIMUN website. The name and email address of the delegates will be accessible by other chairs and rapporteurs. Apart from that, no other personal information (except for nationality) will ever be distributed to a third party nor will be publicly visible and accessible.

The provided email addresses might be used to contact you after the conference has ended regarding participation in future conferences.

The media team of the conference will take photographs of all participants during the conference. These will be published on the BIMUN Facebook page and might be sent to our sponsors. By online participation, you also agree that organisers may record, in whole or in part, the audio and the video in the online conference participation platforms (e.g. Zoom), and also make screenshots with all those participating online.

The organisers follow the same code of conduct with regard to privacy within the online sphere as well, however, we cannot take responsibility for possible errors in third party softwares (e.g. Zoom) through which online participation is taking place. Online participants are responsible for securing their personal data not acquired by the organisers. For the sake of private data security, you should not share any secure data not outlined in the present Terms and Conditions with any participant in the online sphere, in case you participate online in the conference.


You shall regularly check your emails in order to keep in touch with the External Relations Team of the conference.

Please note that chairs are expected to:

  • Agree to participate in the professional selection procedure;
  • Be familiar with the topic of their committee;
  • Be highly familiar with the current Rules of Procedure, and chair all sessions in accordance with the rules set forth therein;
  • Cooperate with delegates, co-chairs, rapporteurs and the organisers;
  • Prepare their respective Committee Guide (CG) in due time before the conference (around February) in highly professional manner, including the insertion of corrections and recommendations by the organisers and the Crisis Team of BIMUN;
  • Refrain from sharing confidential information (e.g. upcoming crisis updates) with any delegates;
  • Participate in the chair briefings and debriefings on each day of the conference, and abide by the guidelines and recommendations provided by the BIMUN Team on the briefing;
  • Meet every deadline, with special emphasis on writing the Committee Guide by it's deadline, stated on the general information page;
  • Have a proper technical background in case of online participation, including a properly audible microphone, a quality web camera, a performing PC and the softwares required to participate in the online sessions, to contribute to the common documents and to communicate with peers in writing;
  • Complete their mission in the spirit of impartiality and fully professionality.

All chairs are to actively and constructively participate in all programmes specified in the official agenda (i.e. committee sessions) unless justified with an overriding reason, except for the official party.


Please keep in mind that not all chair applications will be accepted. In case your application is accepted, you accept to maintain professional behaviour before and during the conference (including professional behaviour during the evening programmes) as you represent the professionalism of the conference towards other participants.

The consumption of drugs is forbidden under Hungarian laws. Anyone who is at least 18 years of age before the date of the official party is allowed to buy alcoholic beverages during the party. Anyone younger than 18 years old will not be allowed to buy alcoholic beverages, however, that kind of drinks will still be sold by the facility where the official party will take place.

Please keep in mind that during your stay in Hungary, Hungarian laws and regulations concern all participants.

In case you participate online, you are required to adhere to the rules and the etiquette of online (or hybrid) conference (i.e. keeping your camera turned on, and your microphone turned off, unless you are recognised or are allowed to speak under the Rules of Procedure etc). For the sake of private data security, you shall not share any secure data not outlined in the present Terms and Conditions with any participant in the online sphere.

Public transportation

During the conference, international chairs participating in person will receive passes to the public transportation of Budapest. These passes will be attached to the badges, therefore, a lost badge will only be replaced for 5000 HUF (or 20 euros).

Payment Policy

The “Payment Policy” section of the terms and conditions of application and participation only concerns applicants whose application is accepted. You will be required to pay the conference fee until the deadline, which is to be specified later and disclosed to you via email (the payment deadline is expected to be in January-February 2021). Should you fail to provide this payment, the participation of your school in the conference will be denied, that is you will not be provided with any of the services of the conference.

The payment procedure shall be similar to the one of last year, that is a third party online system (similar to other online ticketing services), however, which accepts credit and debit cards only. Payment via bank transfer will only be possible in very special and justified cases. You shall receive further details in this regard in January 2021.

The conference will be held in a hybrid way, delegates may attend the conference either in-person or online via video call. Therefore, registration fees are different for in-person and online attendance, further details can be found in the General information.

Our refund policy, with regard to the extraordinary circumstances, is as follows:

We can only provide a full refund of the registration fee before the closure of the registration process, which is the 17th of February. From the 17th of February to the 7th of March, we will only be able to reimburse 70% of the conference’s expenses. After the 7th of March, we may only provide 50% of the participation fee as a refund.

However, if the conference was cancelled due to force majeure (i.e. either the government of your country of residence, or the Government of Hungary enters into force restrictions that disable participation in the conference; if the Government of Hungary notions health protection recommendations/guidelines with which the organisation of, or the in-person participation in the conference would not be possible; or the international statistics of the spread of COVID-19 indicate that the organisation of, or the in-person participation in the conference could potentially endanger the health and safety of the participants), you would receive a 95% refund instead. Also, if you had registered to participate in-person but would rather like to switch to online participation (that would only be possible if one or more of the above mentioned cases of force majeure apply), we would keep the online participation fee instead of the in-person fee, plus we will keep 10% of the in-person participation fee (as a handling charge), and the difference will be transferred back to you.


The conference is not responsible for the safety and any of the actions of any participant before, during and after the conference. Therefore we will share a Liability Waiver Form/Individual Disclaimer with chairs participating in person before the conference, that needs to be signed by either the participant (only if above the age of 18), or parents/guardians of the participant, or the teacher/adult person accompanying the participant throughout the event. For participants under the age of 18, the parent/guardian, or the accompanying adult must be the signatory to the Disclaimer. The signatory of the Liability Waiver/Disclaimer shall take responsibility for the safety and the actions of the chair participant.

Termination of participation

Should you fail to comply with anything mentioned in the terms and conditions of application and participation, the conference has the right to immediately terminate your participation, however, in most cases, a warning might be given before termination.


Should you have any inquiries regarding the terms and conditions of application and participation or any other issue, please feel free to contact the conference at bimun@bimun.hu.