The Secretary General's Welcome Message

Dear Future Participants of BIMUN 2024,

It is my pleasure to warm-heartedly invite all of you to the 13th annual session of Budapest International Model United Nations (BIMUN) for 2024.

The Model United Nations serves as a platform for us to simulate and engage in diplomatic dialogues, mirroring the complex issues that our world faces today. Your participation in this conference reflects your commitment to understanding global affairs, fostering cooperation, and honing the skills necessary for effective leadership.

It has become evident that 2023 was a year of both progress and challenges. The past 12 months were defined by catastrophic weathers, horrific violence, ground-breaking talks on gender and artificial intelligence and much more. Ongoing and new outbreaks of conflict destroyed lives and homes, displaced millions, and further divided an already polarized planet. Global warming has affected the lives of many. General António Guterres stated earlier this year. “Climate change is here. It is terrifying. And it is just the beginning.” There are more young people alive today than ever, and 2023 will mark the first full year that Earth has hosted 8 billion people. Despite alarming global declines in human rights, this year saw heart-warming unity across issues and national boundaries, particularly among women and youth. Meanwhile, advances in artificial intelligence and other fields of technology have sparked urgent and resurrected global conversations about preserving freedom, security, and equality in the digital sphere.

These ongoing situations provide us many topics to choose from, thus this year’s delegates will debate on a wide range of issues. At BIMUN 2024 there will be 11 different committees, each given an interesting and relevant matter. Delegates can apply in accordance with their level of MUN-skills and previous experiences, as we organize 3 beginner, 4 intermediate and 4 advanced committees.

The work of delegates in the 4 advanced committees is going to be unusual to regular MUN conferences and will operate on an ad hoc basis. They will be facing a fictional crisis, meaning the escalation of an existing political tension. Students will receive the crisis right at the beginning of the conference in the form of articles and news broadcasts, updates will continuously be issued over the course of this conference. Delegates in these advanced committees need to give adequate response to these unexpected conflicts, which enhances their critical thinking skills in a unique manner. With the creation of the crises, we aim to ensure that the conference remains challenging and fascinating even for the most experienced students.

Our objective is to organize a high-level MUN conference for high school students. As a result, we put a lot of effort into organizing a spectacular event with excellent discussions. Students can share their opinions and take part in a fruitful debate while learning more about pertinent subjects and honing their debating techniques.

We do not only value the professional aspect of the conference, but we also put an emphasis on team building as well. We believe that BIMUN is an outstanding chance to get to know students from all around the world, while debating, exploring Budapest, and having fun. Debating can bring like-minded students together, possibly resulting in lifelong friendships. For this year’s BIMUN, we have planned many new and interesting informal activities for delegates, such as sight-seeing games, a boat trip, sports events, the Official Party and more. Everyone is more eager than ever to discuss pressing issues and form new friendships.

The Organizers are working hard to provide the best experience for you, one that you certainly have not had before. I hope that many of you will choose to participate in our exciting debates. I am eagerly awaiting the opportunity to meet you all at BIMUN between 11-16 April 2024 in Budapest.

Yours faithfully,
Petra Hargitai
Secretary General of Budapest International Model United Nations 2024