The Secretary General's Welcome Message

Dear Future Participants of BIMUN’22,

It is my pleasure to warm-heartedly invite all of you to the 11th annual session of Budapest International Model United Nation (BIMUN) for 2022.
The last two years were challenging for all of us. We were forced to stay home in isolation for long months, deprived of social events and interactions. The only way to keep in touch with our loved ones, to learn, and to use services was through the online sphere. Since each aspect of our lives became digitalized, it is more crucial than ever to question the makeup of the digital space and investigate the way our private data is managed.

The improvement and expansion of our technological knowledge has drastically accelerated in recent years.
This has the potential to benefit us by, for example, contributing to the mitigation of climate change by creating CO2 absorbing equipment or by reducing global hunger by enabling more efficient food production.

At the same time, innovations in the arms industry and in the medical sectors fundamentally change the relationship between the machinery and humans. We have reached the point where we have to determine the role of Artificial Intelligence, and agree upon the boundaries of science, or to discuss whether we need such at all.

Citizens of the 21st century will be the first to personally experience the dangers evoked by emerging digital technologies. They will have to participate in a global dialogue where they fight for their rights in never-before-seen contexts, like in the digital space or against robots. At BIMUN 2022, we wish to initiate this conversation among students about the ways modernisation will impact their life.
At the conference delegates will address the problems brought about by the Digital Age and they will be encouraged to come up with creative ideas to take advantage of the benefits offered by technologies. Delegates will be busy setting a framework for the usage of autonomous weapons, genetic engineering or surveillance systems while taking into consideration international relations and geopolitical interests.

The debates are going to take place in 8 different committees, each dealing with a different aspect of digitalization. The work of delegates in the 3 advanced committees is going to be unusual to regular MUN conferences. They will be facing a fictional crisis, meaning the escalation of an existing political tension. Students will receive the crisis right at the beginning of the conference in the form of articles, and updates will continuously be issued through the days of the conference. Delegates in these advanced committees need to give adequate response to these unexpected conflicts, which enhances their problem solving skills in a unique manner. With the creation of the crises, we aim to ensure that the conference remains challenging and fascinating even for the most experienced students.

Now, everyone is eager, more than ever, to debate these pressing issues and make new friendships face-to-face. Fortunately, vaccines are now finally available, which can significantly reduce the dangers of infection, even during an international event like our conference. Therefore, the Organiser Team currently believes that it is safe to organize BIMUN 2022 in person in Budapest at Eötvös József Secondary School.

We aim to give the best and most memorable experience by organizing both professional and informal events during the conference. We will continue the tradition of the Day0 programme taking place on the 7th of April, where delegates can participate in workshops and attend the lectures of a wide range of professionals. On the Diplomat Soirée delegates will be given the chance to engage in discussion with diplomats, professors and former MUN-ers.
Besides the professional aspects of the conference we also value team building. This is why we invite all participants to the sight-seeing game, boat trip and Official Party.

The Organisers are working hard to provide the best experience for you, one that you certainly did not have before. I hope that many of you will choose to participate in our exciting debates even in these novel circumstances. I am eagerly awaiting the opportunity to meet you all at BIMUN on 8-12 April, 2022.

Yours Faithfully,

Nóra Kovács
Secretary General of Budapest International Model United Nations 2022