The Secretary General's Welcome Message

Dear Future Participants of BIMUN ’21,

it is my pleasure to warm-heartedly welcome all of you at the 10 th anniversary of Budapest International Model United Nation (BIMUN) for 2021.

This year has brought some unexpected burdens onto our lives. The COVID-19 pandemic has been threatening our well-being, our safety, our schools and our jobs, while also negatively affecting our beloved model united nations (MUN) experience.

In the face of uncertainty, it is only more important that we come together – be it online or in person – and gain strength and inspiration from each other. In this spirit, the Organiser Team and the Professional Team has decided that the next BIMUN will be organised and held, despite possible difficulties.

We aim to give the best and most memorable experience for all participants within the boundaries of the current situation. Therefore, the conference will take place in a hybrid solution, meaning that participation in April will be possible either online or in person (in Budapest, Hungary), depending on individual preferences and the state of the COVID-19 crisis. In this regard, you will receive all the information you may need as the first stage of the application opens.

After the pandemic, not many things will be the same. New challenges and new opportunities will arise. Maybe new conflicts could emerge. It is highly up to young people to make a change (and I mean really, this time) to make our ‘post-covid world’ a better place to live. We are curious about what kind of approaches you, delegates would present to each other for solving a so far unprecedented complex global crisis – overshadowed by a sustained pandemic, together with massive social, political and economic changes it introduced to our globalised world. This is why the slogan of this year’s BIMUN will be: ‘The globalised world in crisis’

I know that the upcoming months are going to be challenging. The Organisers and the Professional Team are working hard to provide the best experience for you, one that you certainly did not have before. I hope that many of you will choose to participate in our exciting debates in these novel circumstances. We cannot wait to see you at the 10th anniversary of BIMUN on 9-13 April, 2021.

Illés Katona