Delegation application

The 1st step of the application is now open.

Before you start…

Before you start the application procedure, we advise you to check out the general information section. Please read carefully the information below.

The application procedure

Our application procedure consists of two steps:

  • The 1st step — delegations as a whole OPEN
  • In this step, the head of delegation (henceforth: the delegation manager) should provide us with information regarding the delegation as a whole, including: institutional and contact information, number of MUN-Directors, the exact size of the delegation, country preferences and accomodation info.

    • We do not accept individual registrations here.
      If you want to apply to the conference individually, follow this link.
    • Much to our regret, we do not accept university level registrations.
    • After you submit your application, you will receive an automatic email to the contact person's address. This e-mail does not confirm or acknowledge your application to the conference automatically. It only states that we received your application and it is being evaluated.
    • After submitting your application please wait until the deadline of the 1st step of application. We will evaluate all registrations and we will notify the contact person via e-mail with the statement of acknowledgement/rejection.

  • The 2nd step – fill the delegations with delegates OPENING SOON
  • After the first step is completed, countries and committee-positions will be assigned to your delegation on the basis of the country preferences indicated in your application, method of preparation and MUN-experience.

    In the 2nd step, you will be asked to register your delegates one-by-one in order to assign them to the committees and countries you will be given. You will receive login info via email.

    The 2nd step breaks down to three phases:

    • Phase I – individual participant information and 'Day 0' attendance
    • Phase II – committee arrangements
    • Phase III – arrival/departure dates

    Administration consoles available here.

We always keep in touch with you

Our external communications team will make sure that you are regularly reminded of the upcoming steps and that you are always informed of the latest news. With further queries you may also contact them at

Please note: your application does not mean automatic acceptance.