Cancellation letter

Dear Participants,

To our utmost regret I must inform you that the 10th session of BIMUN, planned to be held in March 2020, will be cancelled due to the spread of COVID-19. The cancellations by numerous would-be participants have made us reach this decision as it is far from our intensions to organise a conference that is unable to reflect quality and bears a potential to further spread of this disease. We hope that you can understand that we have had no power over this vis major situation. We are going to assess our financial situation in the following days and after that, we shall start refunding. Please note that we will be able to refund you for the most part of your fees, however, due to some reservations and administrative expenses we have already made we will only be able to give further details about this to you during the course of the next week. We ask for your patience concerning this issue.

As my last note, I would humbly ask you to remain calm during this period of international panic and fearmongering. It is you, the educated youth that must understand that it can lead nowhere. I wish you and your loved ones good health and the best during this period of upheaval.

Yours very truly,
Ottó Nagy
Budapest 09/03/2020

P.S.: There are plans to host this year’s BIMUN later in October or during Autumn. Of course, we will notify every one of you as plans start to formalize later.