The Secretary General's Welcome Message

Dear Participants,

As the Secretary-General of the eighth annual session of Budapest International Model United Nations, it is my great pleasure and honour to welcome you to our conference.

Since 2011, the organisers of conferences past aimed to create an extraordinary experience for every participant, whether it be through the professional atmosphere of the committee sessions, or through the delightful social events afterwards. It is their work that laid the foundation that I, with my fellow organizers, wish to build upon whilst working on this year’s conference. Through indefatigable enthusiasm, we strive to bring together ambitious and open-minded thinkers of our generation, to facilitate their dialogue concerning the issues of the international community, and to create the finest BIMUN to date.

This year, our conference’s motto is Stability Amidst Change. It is undeniable that our world and our mankind itself is undergoing rapid changes, changes for both the better and the worse. Our societies can effectively treat illnesses that would have meant inevitable death just decades ago. Frontiers lead the exploration of our solar system in an endeavour to discover the unknown. Technology is spreading and is enabling us to create, share and innovate.

However, radicalization and extremities are becoming more and more common. Nuclear proliferation, narcotics trade and human rights violations are just some of the unresolved issues that hang over mankind like the sword of Damocles. We are living in a time of uncertainty and insecurity for many, facing new challenges of providing safety and security for every person of our world, whilst their anxieties and fears are continuously promoted through global and local issues alike.

But as Antonio Guterres, the Secretary-General of the United Nations stated in his Vision Statement: ”the UN is uniquely placed to connect the dots to overcome these challenges.”

The aim of BIMUN 2018 is not only to resolve the crises of our mankind, but to actively work on preventing them; to provide the stability of safety for our civilization amidst ever-present change. And I truly believe that through the dialogue, open-mindedness, acceptance of diversity and mutual understanding that BIMUN, for the eighth year now, continues to represent, this stability is achievable.

We are truly looking forward to welcoming you to a conference of new thoughts and ideas, a conference of dialogue and a joint effort for our civilization itself.

Yours sincerely,

Áron Kormosi