General information

Conference date: 7-11 April, 2017
'Day 0': 6 April

Basic information

Registration 1st step deadline: 25 November 20:00 CET
(This is the deadline of the application. Sadly we won’t be able to accept every delegation.)

  • Number of delegate places (12 / 8 / 4)
  • MUN-Directors (max. 2) personal information
  • Delegation information form
  • Accommodation

Registration 2nd step Phase I. deadline: 20 December 20:00 CET

  • Information of the participants
  • Day 0 attendance

Registration 2nd step Phase II. deadline: 24 January 20:00 CET

  • Committee arrangements

Registration 2nd step Phase III. deadline: 8 March 20:00 CET

  • Arrival/departure dates

Position Paper due: 13 March 20:00 CET

Rules of Procedure:   Download here

Delegation sizes

This year we decided to keep delegation size-limits to ensure that we can maintain a fair system of „checks and balances” in the committees from the very first moment. This will also allow you to select your country preferences more accurately.

Your delegation shall consist of:

  • 12 delegates – e.g.: P5s, other great powers
  • 8 delegates – mid-size countries, regional and middle powers – e.g.: Iran, Ukraine, Pakistan
  • 4 delegates – small-size countries, small powers, agencies, organisations, observers – e.g.: NATO, Estonia

Delegations of 12 can also consist of a delegation of 8 and one of 4 or three delegations of 4; delegations of 8 can also consist of two delegations of 4.

Note: requested numbers are not guaranteed.

Conference fees

  • € 100 – international delegates
    includes airport transfer, public transport ticket, lunch for three days, snacks for the General Assembly, Delegates' Handbook
  • € 50 – Hungarian delegates
    includes lunch for three days, snacks for the General Assembly, Delegates' Handbook
  • € 40 – MUN-Directors
    includes public transport ticket - optional
  • € 20 – Hungarian MUN-Directors

A 50% deposit of the full delegation fee will be required this year by the 18th December. The full fee will be requested by the 15th January.


To be announced.

'Day 0' programme

Since we would like to provide our guests with the best opportunities to get a deeper insight into Model UN practices, UN-issues and several other topics, we decided to continue a revised ‘Day 0’ Programme which will take place on April 6. This year the 'Day 0' programme won’t have any additional fees.

Download as PDF

  Download the Information Letter in PDF